First impressions are important, and while what we say and do are important aspects of them, how we look and feel about ourselves carry an equal amount of weight. A youthful appearance, along with confidence and happiness, can make a big difference when meeting someone new.
Whether you’re interviewing for a job, hosting a dinner, or even going out on a date, they’re essential factors in how you’re viewed.

If your skin looks weathered and wrinkled, you’ll look older and more tired. As a result, you’ll appear to be less happy and ambitious, hindering how others perceive you. With a Newport Faces Facelift in Newport Beach, you can rejuvenate your face to enhance your look for a younger and healthier appearance.

Contact our plastic surgery office to learn more about our Newport Faces Facelift. We will help you obtain a fresh appearance by making you look younger and more vibrant. Skilled board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Stephen Fink is available for a consultation and will be happy to answer your questions.

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